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After weeks of receiving anonymous notes and Shakespearean love sonnets, Spidora, a Side Show performer in Dr. Graves’ Museum of the Weird, finally agrees to meet her secret admirer. Encouraged by the tiny Stella, the Museum’s resident escape artist, and equally disparaged by Roxanne the fire-eater, Spidora nervously waits backstage after the show. 

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Fred Olen Ray waited years to create SPIDORA. It is the first short film he has ever attempted. His recent work has been almost exclusively for television with projects like, A CHRISTMAS WEDDING DATE, HATFIELDS & McCOYS: BAD BLOOD and HOUSE OF SECRETS (Lifetime Movie Network). Fred grew up in the Circus town of Sarasota, Florida and came very close to running away with the Clyde Beatty Circus as a teenager. He later owned and operated his own carnival Side Show and eventually married the Electric Girl.

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The main cast features actor Jerry Lacy as Dr. Graves. Jerry is perhaps best known for his work as the evil Reverend Trask in Dan Curtis’s classic Gothic soap opera, DARK SHADOWS. His later work on Broadway as Humphrey Bogart was rewarded with the follow up role opposite Woody Allen in the movie version of PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM.

Bobby Quinn Rice is a young actor who has tackled some iconic roles including the young BUCK ROGERS in the recent unsold TV pilot with Gil Gerard and Erin Gray, and Ensign Peter Kirk (Captain Kirk’s nephew) in STAR TREK: NEW VOYAGES.

Megan Sheehan is an exciting fast rising actress who has started to amass a body of work including roles in THE STRAY and TERMINAL VELOCITY.

Real life Sideshow performers Go Go Amy, Krystal Pohaku and Lil Miss Firefly add to the realism with their unique talents.

TRIVIA: Fred’s son, rising Producer/Director, Chris Olen Ray (MERCENARIES, 2 HEADED SHARK ATTACK), Co-Produced the film with his father, while Cult filmmaker David DeCoteau acted as Executive Producer.

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Michael R. Barnard, Shane Vozar, Nick Mendoza, Walther Richter, Tanya M. Dixon, William Byron Hillman, Vincent Wolf, Gloria Lillibridge

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